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Laboratory for Genome Engineering and Synthetic Biology

We develop and apply genome engineering and synthetic biology approaches and harness engineering and evolution principles to design and build genetic networks and thus engineer organisms with improved traits for key applications, including crop improvement, biomanufacturing, and diagnostics.

A Few Words About Us

Our research interests are:

  • Genome Engineering
  • Synthetic Directed Evolution
  • Molecular Virology and Biotechnology
  • Molecular Diagnostics
  • Biomanufacturing
  • Alternative Splicing and Gene Regulation

Bioengineering technologies will transform and reshape the future of medicine and agriculture and will revolutionize our ability to understand and engineer genomes. In our laboratory, we develop and apply genome engineering technologies to understand and evolve gene functions and to improve traits of value. We develop technologies for engineering cells to biomanufacture high-value products, including key compounds and select chemicals and pharmaceuticals in different synthetic biologic chassis, including plants, bacteria, and yeast. We translate ideas into products and design and construct novel synthetic gene networks for the overproduction of critical biomolecules.

Our Team

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Researchers at KAUST are developing a test that is rapid, accurate and easy to use in the field—can it help flatten future curves?

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