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  • Master in Biochemistry at the Institute of Biotechnology (IBT). National Autonomous University of Mexico (February 2017- December 2018).
  • Bachelor of biology, National Autonomous University of Mexico (2011-2016). Exchange student University of Lausanne (February 2015-July 2015) Lausanne, Switzerland

Research Interests Keywords

Molecular Biology Biomanufacturing

Professional Profile

  • Environmental Consultant at WSP (March 2019- June 2020)
  • Master's thesis in the metabolic pathway engineering laboratory with the theme: ¨Engineering of bioprocesses with Escherichia coli modified by metabolic engineering for the production of pyruvic acid from glucose and xylose in continuous cultures¨ (National Autonomous University of Mexico, Biotechnology Institute January 2017-December 2018).
  • Social service with the Project: "Evaluation of the in vitro activity of the enzyme FKBF (1639 of S.coelicolor) by means of a colorimetric test monitored by a spectrophotometer" carried out at the Biomedical Research Institute, National Autonomous University of Mexico August 2015-March 2016.
  • Research assistant in the project "Protein glycosylation of Streptomyces coelicolor and Mycobacterium tuberculosis" (2014-2016), Biomedical research institute, National Autonomous University of Mexico
  • Research guest at the biotechnology institute (IBT), National Autonomous University of Mexico in the department of molecular medicine and Bioprocesses in the lab of Dr. Martin Gustavo Pedraza Cuernavaca, Morelos (May-August 2013).
  • Teacher in the course: Cultivation of edible fungi in Mexico house "Pleutorus ostreatus and Agaricus bisporus" (2012-2014).


  • ​Coca-Cola scholarship for academic excellence for an exchange program at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland (February-July 2015).
  • Postgraduate studies support program (PAEP) scholarship to attend the XXXII National Congress of Biochemistry.